Data Overview

Data Currently Available

ASSIST transferable course data extracts are now available to CCC, CSU, and UC campuses. 

  • File #1 - UC Transferable Courses
  • File #2 - CSU Transferable Courses
  • File #3 - IGETC Approved Courses
  • File #4 - CSU GE Breadth Certification Courses
  • File #5 - CSU US History, Constitution and American Ideals Approved Courses

All data extracted from the ASSIST system is in a format to be uploaded and interpreted by another computer system, such as a campus degree audit or transfer planning application. We look forward to future data releases, including articulation data, following completion of the in-progress articulation modernization project.

Data Request & Sharing Process

The workflow and steps to request data access are listed below. Additional automation and self-service options will evolve with future data releases.

1.    Review the ASSIST Data Extracts & Specifications document to determine if the available files meet your current data needs.
2.    Email to indicate your interest in receiving data files.
3.    Submit the request form provided.
4.    The ASSIST team will respond to data inquiries within three business days.

Additional Data Resources

Data Sharing Operations Expansion Overview

With the completion of the Articulation Modernization Project comes the ability for ASSIST to responsibly share course and articulation data via API/web services, as well as share with wider audiences including licensed third-party requesters.

The earliest anticipated availability of this expanded data is Summer (Apr-May-Jun) 2024, and the request process above is not expected to change.

Updated: 4-18-2024